Pricing: Freemium
Type: Music
Starts: $9.99

Text to Music is an AI tool that allows users to generate audio by providing written prompts or descriptions. It simplifies the audio creation process and is suitable for users with limited music production experience.

🎵 Use cases

  • Combine Writing and Music: Users can combine their creative writing ability with music production to generate unique audio files.
  • Personal or Commercial Use: The tool enables users to create audio tracks for personal or commercial use.

🎵 Features

  • Drum Generator: Offers prompts such as Gujarati Bhajan, Deathcore blast beat, and Hip Hop-themed Avengers song to create drum tracks.
  • Audio Generation: Users can input text descriptions to generate mainstream audio output with a specific mood.
  • Unique Audio Options: The tool’s AI technology generates unique audio options for each prompt, providing a variety of possibilities for users to choose from.
  • Simplified Audio Creation: It simplifies the audio creation process without requiring technical skills or knowledge in music theory.

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