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Type: Education Assistant
  • Manor Born Star has passed away and entered the celestial estate, with age being irrelevant in the afterlife.

Use Cases

  • Gossip: Get updates on celebrity news and the afterlife.
  • Entertainment: Stay informed about the latest trends and happenings in the entertainment industry.
  • Climate Change: Explore the impact of Biden’s $600M climate cure on sea levels and wildfires.
  • AI Invasion: Learn about the job market implications of AI and how Chesky views the situation.
  • Harry & Meghan: Follow the $20M Spotify saga of the royal couple and their podcast endeavors.
  • Airplanes & Hilarity: Discover discussions among CEOs about navigating comedic challenges.
  • Royal Grifters: Find out about the lucrative deal and controversies surrounding invisible podcasts.
  • AI Laws: Explore Singapore’s approach to AI regulation and the development of an AI testing toolkit.


  • 👼 Manor Born Star enters celestial estate, defying the significance of age.
  • 🌍 Biden’s $600M climate cure faces skepticism from rising sea levels and contemplating wildfires.
  • 🤖 AI Invasion sparks debates on job apocalypse versus job creation, with Chesky dismissing concerns.
  • 🎧 Harry & Meghan’s $20M Spotify saga unfolds, showcasing archetypes, ear candy, and accusations of being “grifters.”
  • ✈️ Airplanes & Hilarity feature CEOs discussing the comedic challenges of flying through turbulence.
  • 👑 Royal Grifters score $20M for invisible podcasts, as Spotify retreats and criticism arises.
  • 🧠 Singapore crafts AI testing toolkit while silently judging AI laws and their impact.

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