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Type: Chat, Customer Support, Sales

TheLoops Intelligent Support Operations platform offers visibility, insights, and automations for support operations, driving operational efficiency and customer retention.

🌐 Use Cases

  • See beyond your support stack: TheLoops integrates product signals and customer data, providing visibility beyond support tools without the need for a data scientist.
  • Know your leading indicators: TheLoops Impact Analysis scores customer interactions based on revenue at risk, sentiment, and product usage, enabling real-time decision-making.
  • Get ahead of escalations: TheLoops Escalation Prediction identifies at-risk tickets before they escalate, allowing proactive support and revenue protection.
  • Build your support workflows: TheLoops low-code platform allows the configuration of processes and automation without requiring an engineer.
  • Upskill your agents: TheLoops Agent Assist & Monitoring offers insights and context alongside tickets for agents, and detailed performance reports for managers.

🌟 Features

  • 3X more visibility into Support Operations: Customers have experienced a significant increase in visibility and reporting efficiency.
  • 40% reduction in customer churn with insights: TheLoops helps run AI on tickets and CRM data to provide valuable customer insights, reducing churn.
  • 25% reduction in customer churn with risk scoring: TheLoops enables teams to predict and prevent customer churn by providing risk scoring capabilities.
  • 67% reduction in the number of escalations: TheLoops improves the efficiency of the escalation process and aligns priorities between teams.
  • Read success stories: ServiceRocket, Blueshift, Upstart, and Ada have shared their positive experiences with TheLoops in terms of support operations visibility, customer churn reduction, and escalations management.

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