Pricing: Freemium
Type: Customer Support

Tiledesk is an all-in-one customer engagement platform that offers omni-channel live chat and chatbots. It is trusted by global brands, local organizations, and fast-growing startups to boost marketing revenue, maximize conversions, and provide tailored chatbot solutions. Tiledesk is open-source, prioritizes privacy, and promotes standardization.

ūüí¨ Use Cases

  • Lead Generation:¬†Engage conversational apps to qualify leads better and increase marketing revenue.
  • Conversions:¬†Add Tiledesk Live Chat widget to your website and connect chatbots to various messaging channels for maximum conversions.
  • Ready-to-Use Templates:¬†Discover hundreds of free templates fitting your needs and design your first AI chatbot with just one click.
  • Tailored Chatbot Design:¬†Utilize the no-code chatbot design studio to create customized chatbots with open source technology.
  • Customer Engagement:¬†Learn from Tiledesk customer stories and engage your customers while qualifying leads effectively.
  • Open-Source Platform:¬†Tiledesk is an open-source stack that prioritizes privacy, promotes standardization, and facilitates knowledge exchange among developers.
  • Industry-Specific Benefits:¬†Explore how Tiledesk chatbots can enhance customer service, generate leads, and increase conversions in industries like travel, hotels, banking, and healthcare.

ūüí° Features

  • No-Code Platform:¬†Tiledesk offers a no-code platform for designing chatbots and conversational apps.
  • Omni-Channel Support:¬†Connect with customers through various channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and your website.
  • Privacy-Focused:¬†Tiledesk prioritizes privacy, allowing companies to keep their own data.
  • Open-Source Technology:¬†The platform is built on open-source technology, enabling customization and innovation.
  • Ready-to-Use Templates:¬†Access a wide range of free templates to meet your business requirements.
  • Customer Stories:¬†Get inspired by Tiledesk customer stories and learn from their success.
  • Industry-Specific Insights:¬†Stay updated with the latest news and insights about chatbots in industries like travel, hotels, banking, and healthcare.

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