Pricing: Freemium
Type: Education Assistant
Starts: $7/mo is an online grammar checker and language correction AI tool for academic and technical writing. It offers over 3000 grammar checks, tone and style enhancements, advanced writing tips, and works across various subjects. Users have praised its effectiveness and helpfulness in improving their writing.

💡 Use Cases

  • Academic Writing: Trinka is designed specifically for academic writing, addressing complex grammar errors and providing subject-specific corrections.
  • Medicine: Trinka’s features cater to medical writing, suggesting corrections and enhancing the language in medical manuscripts.
  • Biology: The tool assists in biology-related writing, helping with grammar, syntax, and style in scientific texts.
  • Physics: Trinka aids in physics writing by providing grammar and language corrections, allowing for clearer communication of complex concepts.
  • Social Sciences: It helps improve writing in social science fields, ensuring correct grammar and precise language usage.
  • Engineering: Trinka supports engineering writing by suggesting corrections, enhancing technical spellings, and improving overall language quality.
  • Chemistry: The tool assists in chemistry writing, helping with grammar, syntax, and correcting technical spellings in scientific texts.
  • Geology: Trinka provides grammar and language corrections for geology writing, ensuring accuracy and clarity in scientific manuscripts.
  • Computer Science: It aids in computer science writing, offering grammar checks, syntax corrections, and precise language suggestions.
  • Economics: Trinka helps improve economic writing by suggesting grammar corrections and enhancing the clarity of language.

💫 Features

  • 3000+ Grammar Checks: Trinka offers a comprehensive range of grammar checks, ensuring correct usage and improved language quality.
  • Tone & Style Enhancements: The tool helps enhance the tone and style of academic writing, ensuring it meets the required standards.
  • Advanced Writing Tips: Trinka provides advanced writing tips to improve the overall quality of academic and technical writing.
  • Subject-specific Corrections: It suggests corrections relevant to specific subjects, leveraging knowledge from well-written papers in each field.
  • Auto-Edit & Revision Summary: Trinka’s auto-edit feature efficiently corrects errors, and the revision summary page provides a helpful overview of the changes made.
  • AMA Style Guide: Trinka offers impressive grammar correction and suggestions based on the AMA style guide, making it a valuable tool for medical writing.
  • Highly Rated by Users: has received high ratings and positive feedback from users globally, attesting to its effectiveness and usefulness in academic and technical writing.

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