Triple Whale

Triple Whale
Pricing: Paid
Type: E-Commerce, Marketing, Sales
Starts: $100/mo

Triple Whale is an eCommerce hub that provides real-time insights and metrics to help businesses grow their brands. It offers a comprehensive dashboard integrating data from various platforms and marketing channels.

💡 Use Cases

  • Facebook Ads: Triple Whale allows for an overarching view of advertising health, making it easier to manage campaigns effectively.
  • Attribution You Can Trust: The Triple Pixel provides reliable data for better decision-making and profitable growth.
  • Ecommerce Intelligence, Automated: Lighthouse detects anomalies, surfaces insights, and delivers tactical recommendations to optimize store profitability.
  • Turn Creative Into Conversions: Creative Cockpit offers performance insights and analysis tools to scale advertising efforts across multiple platforms.
  • Fin Hub: Gain clarity with real-time financial data, cash flow statements, and accrual P&L to operate smarter in the eCommerce space.

💎 Features

  • Seamless Integration: Triple Whale integrates with popular commerce platforms and marketing channels.
  • Customizable Dashboard: View all meaningful data from a customizable dashboard or mobile app.
  • Total Impact Model: Compare ad spend, revenue, and ROAS across all active channels for better optimization.
  • Triple Pixel: Install the pixel easily to gain real-time, omni-channel attribution data you can trust.
  • Lighthouse Anomaly Detection: Receive immediate alerts for suspicious variance in spend, inventory, and order data.
  • Creative Cockpit: Analyze and optimize creative performance across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Fin Hub: Access all financial accounts and tools in one dashboard, generate cash flow statements, and plan for the future.

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