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Type: Music

TuneFlow is a versatile music production app with powerful AI-driven features, serving as your private production team. It offers voice cloning, advanced lyrics generation, smart composition, drumming, source separation, audio transcription, lo-fi music creation, a plugin market, and more. It’s accessible from anywhere, provides advanced audio capabilities, and fosters a creative community.

🎤 Voice Clone

  • Clone Voices: Replicate voices of your choice for singing or reading.
  • Personal Voice Cloning: Clone your own voice or any voice you like.

📝 ChatGPT Lyrics

  • Powerful Lyrics Generator: Create lyrics on any topic, mood, and length with ChatGPT.
  • Lyrics Rewriting: Let ChatGPT enhance your existing lyrics.

🎶 Smart Composer

  • Quick Music Ideas: Kickstart music ideas in your preferred style and tempo.
  • Full-Length Songs: Generate full-length songs with main melodies and accompaniment.

🥁 Smart Drummer

  • AI-Driven Beats: Choose beat styles, and AI generates drum tracks quickly.

🎛️ Ultra-Clean Source Separator

  • Audio Stem Separation: Split mixed audio tracks into vocal, drum, bass, and more with high precision.

🎵 Industry-Leading Audio Transcription

  • Convert Recordings: Turn singing or instrument recordings into MIDI notes.

🎼 One-Click Lo-Fi

  • Lo-Fi Music Creation: Easily generate chill lo-fi songs with mood and duration control.

🛒 Plugin Market

  • Expanding Toolkit: Regularly updated with new AI plugins.
  • Community Contributions: AI musicians contribute and share their models.

🚀 Powerful, yet Lightweight

  • Browser Accessibility: Most features accessible through a browser.
  • Desktop Editing: Advanced editing engine for tasks like multi-track mixing and mastering.

☁️ Access from Anywhere

  • Cloud Sync: Access projects, edits, and more from any location.

🎚️ Advanced Audio Engine

  • Plugin Support: Compatible with VST/VST3/AU plugins for professional audio tasks.

🎨 Going Pro

  • Pro-Level Tools: Draw expressions in automation tracks and manage audio effects.

🔄 Import & Export

  • Versatile Integration: Easily integrate TuneFlow into various music workflows.

🌐 Learn & Share

  • Creative Community: Share, like, remix, and collaborate within the TuneFlow community.

🚀 Always Evolving

  • Rapid Updates: Frequent feature releases and automatic updates for both web and desktop apps.

🎧 Getting Started

  • Web Editor: Most features available directly in the web editor.
  • TuneFlow Desktop: Download for better sound tools, audio plugins, and enhanced AI capabilities.

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