Pricing: Freemium
Type: Customer Support
Starts: $7/m

Twissy is a platform that allows you to integrate your own business data, such as FAQs, knowledge base, instructions, or API documentation, into a chatbot powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The chatbot responds with the best matching context from your data, providing automatic and adequate responses to user queries.

🤖 Use cases

  • Customer support: Use Twissy to create a chatbot that can answer frequently asked questions and provide support to your customers.
  • Knowledge base integration: Incorporate your existing knowledge base into Twissy to offer instant answers and information to users.
  • Instructional assistance: Build a chatbot that can guide users through complex processes or provide step-by-step instructions.
  • API documentation: Utilize Twissy to create a chatbot that can respond to queries about your API and provide documentation.


  • 💬 Seamless integration: Upload your business data to Twissy, and the platform generates a language model from it for chatbot interactions.
  • 💰 Chat tokens: Twissy uses chat tokens as an internal currency to account for the cost of making requests to OpenAI’s API. Each user message consumes a specific amount of tokens, depending on your subscription.
  • 📊 Unanswered question tracking: Twissy automatically keeps track of unanswered questions, allowing you to identify gaps in your documentation and improve your responses.
  • 🌐 Website integration: Easily include Twissy on your website by selecting your chatbot, clicking the “Embed” button, and pasting the provided script.
  • ❌ No yearly subscriptions: Currently, Twissy does not offer yearly subscription plans.

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