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Typewise is a keyboard app that offers various features to enhance typing experience and accuracy. It includes text prediction, autocorrection, grammar check, a custom AI language model, quality control analytics, and support for multiple languages.

💡 Use Cases

  • Text prediction: The app provides auto-completion of entire sentences and paragraphs in real-time, improving typing speed and efficiency.
  • Magic reply: Typewise generates auto-generated email and chat responses based on the context, making it convenient for quick replies.
  • Autocorrect & grammar check: It instantly corrects mistakes while typing, ensuring accurate and error-free messages.
  • Custom AI language model: The keyboard adapts to your vocabulary, tone of voice, and other preferences, providing a personalized typing experience.
  • Quality control & analytics: Typewise offers a dashboard with quality and performance metrics, allowing users to monitor their typing habits and make improvements.
  • Multi-language support: With support for over 40 languages, the app caters to a diverse user base, enabling seamless typing in different languages.

⭐ Features

  • Text prediction: Auto-completion of entire sentences and paragraphs in real-time.
  • Magic reply: Auto-generated email and chat responses based on context.
  • Autocorrect & grammar check: Instant correction of mistakes.
  • Custom AI language model: Adapted to your vocabulary, tone of voice, etc.
  • Quality control & analytics: Dashboard with quality and performance metrics.
  • Multi-language support: Support for 40+ languages.

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