Vanna AI

Vanna AI
Pricing: Free
Type: Developer
Starts: $0/m is a data analytics tool that connects to your database, learns its structure, and generates SQL queries to answer questions. It is currently in beta and aims to offer a free tier for low usage.

💻 Use cases

  • is ideal for companies that need to query large and complex databases to extract insights.
  • It is useful for data analysts, business intelligence professionals, and other users who need to generate SQL queries quickly and accurately.

🔥 Features

  • 📚 Learning database structure: automatically learns the structure of your database and the types of questions your data is able to answer.
  • 🤖 AI-generated queries: generates SQL queries based on your questions and examples from your query history.
  • 🔒 Data security: uses encrypted connections and isolates your database connection, queries, and model to your organization.
  • 💰 Free tier: aims to maintain a free tier for low usage.

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