Video Highlight

Video Highlight
Pricing: Free
Type: Summarizer

Video Highlight is a powerful note-taking tool that uses cutting-edge AI technology to summarize and extract key points from videos. It offers features such as finding specific information, highlighting videos, using timestamps, adding screenshots, and exporting notes to other platforms.

Use Cases

  • Research: Video Highlight helps streamline the market research process by minimizing transcription efforts and allowing users to focus on analysis.
  • Note-taking: Users can efficiently summarize and extract key points from videos, saving time on transcribing and rewinding.
  • Information retrieval: Finding specific information within video content becomes easier with Video Highlight’s transcript-based search functionality.
  • Engagement: The tool enables users to engage with video content by highlighting important sections, similar to how they would highlight articles or books.
  • Content memorization: Adding screenshots to notes helps remember key moments and enhances the retention of information.


  • 📝 Summarize: Video Highlight utilizes AI technology to extract key points from videos.
  • 🔍 Find: Users can easily find specific information within the transcript of a video.
  • 🖍️ Highlight: Like highlighting text in articles or books, users can highlight important sections of video content.
  • ⏱️ Timestamps: Scanning the transcript is faster than scrolling through the video, allowing users to quickly navigate to relevant sections.
  • 📷 Screenshots: Users can capture and add screenshots to their notes, helping them remember important moments.
  • 📤 Export: Notes can be exported directly to platforms like Notion or connected to Readwise accounts for easy access and organization.
  • 🚀 Get started: Users can sign up for Video Highlight to maximize their research efficiency and streamline their note-taking process.

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