Pricing: Freemium
Type: Research

ViralViews is a social media discovery and tracking dashboard that allows users to track hundreds of accounts, discover trends, and access analytics. It is a popular tool used by agencies, businesses, managers, and creators to stay updated with viral content.

💥 Use Cases

  • Social Media Discovery: Track hundreds of accounts and discover viral trends with the help of the AILoved dashboard.
  • Analytics and Trending: Access analytics and trends through a fully customizable Trending Dashboard.
  • Category Tracking: Add your own categories and track them using 10+ keywords and 100+ accounts (Basic plan) or 25+ keywords and 250+ accounts (Pro plan).
  • Individual and Small Teams: Ideal for individuals and small teams looking to manage their social media presence effectively.
  • Complete Social Media Management: Pro plan offers all the features for comprehensive social media management.
  • Early Beta Features: Pro plan users get access to early beta features for testing and feedback.
  • Dedicated Social Media Team: Pro plan subscribers receive support from a dedicated social media team and have access to a private feature request board.

💥 Features

  • Unlimited Access: Get unlimited access to the category database and customize your Trending Dashboard.
  • Account Tracking: Track and monitor the activities of hundreds of accounts.
  • Request New Categories: Request new categories to be added to the dashboard at any time.
  • Growing List of Free Categories: Explore the growing list of free categories available for tracking.
  • Basic and Premium Support: Basic support provided for the Basic plan, while Premium Support is available for the Pro plan.
  • Multiple Users: Basic plan allows up to 3 users, while Pro plan supports up to 10 users.
  • Private Feature Request Board: Pro plan subscribers can make feature requests through a dedicated board.

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