Virtual You

Virtual You
Pricing: Paid
Type: Avatar
Starts: $ 4.99/mo

VirtualYou is a service that creates a video of a speaking virtual avatar based on your photo and text. The AI-generated avatar is animated to match the speech, providing a unique and personalized video experience.

Use Cases

  • Personalized video messages
  • Virtual presentations or speeches
  • Animated avatars for marketing or promotional purposes
  • Interactive storytelling or gaming applications
  • Virtual characters for movies, animations, or online content
  • Language learning and pronunciation practice
  • Virtual customer service representatives


  • 🖼️ AI-generated avatars based on your photo
  • 📝 Customizable text or AI-generated text on a chosen topic
  • 🎙️ Animated avatars synchronized with the speech
  • 📧 Quick delivery of instructions for submitting photos and other information
  • 📷 Recommendation to upload clear, upper body, and face-visible photos for better results
  • ⏰ Prompt email notification with instructions upon payment
  • 🔒 Confidentiality: Photos and AI models are deleted after avatar creation and verification

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