Visus Ai

Visus Ai
Pricing: Freemium
Type: Productivity, Transcriber
Starts: $20/mo.

Visus is an AI-powered platform that allows you to access and retrieve knowledge from your documents quickly and effortlessly. With Visus, you can ask questions in natural language and receive instant, verified answers based on your training material. It offers limitless knowledge storage, conversational capabilities, customization options, and ensures the security of your data through encryption and strict permissions enforcement.

⚡ Use Cases

  • Instant answers, just ask: Visus enables you to obtain quick and accurate responses to any question you have about your documents.
  • Understands you: You can ask Visus questions using natural language, making it feel like asking a friend.
  • Limitless knowledge: Store as many documents as you need in the Visus platform.
  • Verified answers: The answers provided by Visus are entirely based on your training material, ensuring their accuracy.
  • Conversational: Ask follow-up questions and gain inspiration through interactive conversations with Visus.
  • Fully configurable: Customize your AI and tailor it to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Secure: Visus prioritizes the security of your data by employing industry-standard AES 256 encryption.

⚡ Features

  • Train your own AI in 3 steps: Visus empowers individuals and business team leaders to make their knowledge instantly accessible.
  • Secure encryption of data: All data transmitted through Visus is encrypted using TLS 1.2+ with perfect forward secrecy, and user data on servers is protected by AES 256 encryption.
  • Strict permissions enforcement: Visus only provides answers based on the information users are authorized to access, reflecting any changes to permissions immediately.
  • SOC 2 compliance: The Visus team is actively working towards achieving SOC 2 compliance and has implemented robust policies and procedures to ensure system security and reliability.

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