Pricing: Paid
Type: Chat, Marketing

Vizologi is a web app that offers a free 7-day trial to boost your business strategy. It helps save time on market research and competitive analysis by automatically brainstorming startup ideas and providing access to a database of business model canvas examples. Vizologi has been used by thousands of people to complete over 1.5 million questions in various projects.

💡 Use Cases

  • Inspire Innovation: Vizologi helps analyze existing strategies, identify areas for improvement, and turn wild ideas into businesses with long-term viability.
  • Efficient Workflow: Users can complete their entire workflow, including research, market analysis, business design, and prototyping, using Vizologi’s generative design tool.
  • Create Value: The tool enables users to create new value for their clients through innovation reports and presentations, leading to financial benefits.
  • Discover Hidden Niches: Vizologi is the perfect tool to discover hidden niches and create unique and original startups.
  • Market Research and Trend Analysis: It helps users think outside the box, analyze new trends, and conduct market research studies to identify business opportunities and stay ahead of competitors.
  • Knowledge Base: Vizologi provides access to a stunning knowledge base, making it handy for finding information for school tasks or any other purpose.
  • Transform Cost into Revenue: For every $1 invested in Vizologi, users can generate over $75 with new ideas.

💡 Features

  • Save Time: Reduces the time spent on market research and competitive analysis from hours to minutes.
  • Business Model Database: Access to a database with thousands of business model canvas examples for inspiration.
  • Create and Edit Business Plans: Users can create and edit unique business plans using the mash-up method.
  • Easy Project Export: Projects can be exported easily for sharing or further collaboration.
  • Testimonials: Vizologi has received positive feedback from business professionals who have found it awe-inspiring, money-generating, and useful for workflow optimization.
  • Pricing Options: Vizologi offers monthly and yearly subscription plans with different credit and usage allowances. A free 7-day trial is available for all plans.
  • AI-powered Business Plan Creation: Vizologi enables users to craft a business plan quickly and easily using artificial intelligence.

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