Pricing: Free
Type: Audio Editing

Voice.ai is a platform that offers a wide range of voice-changing features for various use cases. It allows users to access a large library of voices, integrate custom voices into applications, and provides an ultra-realistic voice changer for streamers, content creators, and gamers. The platform also offers voice cloning capabilities, the ability to use recordings as soundboards, and an AI voice changer for complete voice customization. It is suitable for streamers, gamers, and those looking to enhance their meetings and calls.

💡 Use Cases

  • Streamers: Enhance livestreams with AI-generated voices or create unique voices to surprise followers.
  • Gamers: Transform your voice into that of your favorite game character for a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Meetings & Calls: Add excitement to online meetings and calls on platforms like Zoom, Skype, and Discord.

💫 Features

  • Custom Voice Integration: Incorporate personalized voices into your applications using Voice.ai’s proprietary AI voice-changing technology.
  • Voice.ai SDK: Revolutionize in-game voice chat and RPG experiences by allowing gamers to immerse themselves in the virtual world with their favorite characters’ voices.
  • Ultra Realistic Voice Changer: Use the best voice changer software in real-time to sound like cartoon characters, robots, aliens, politicians, or celebrities during live-streams or online games.
  • Voice Changer Cartoon Parody: Create parodies of anyone’s voice using the free voice-changing software, which leverages voices uploaded by users through the voice cloning tool.
  • Voice Cloning: Utilize advanced AI technology to create any voice, whether it’s your own or an entirely original voice with various filters and gender options.
  • Use your Recordings as Soundboards: Build your own soundboard by combining custom sound effects created with the Voice Changer app, and use them to surprise others in game lobbies or group chats.
  • AI Voice Changer (coming soon): Take content creation, livestreaming, and gaming to the next level with AI voice changers that offer complete freedom to create custom voices, regardless of gender or voice conversion limitations.

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