Pricing: Freemium
Type: Customer Support
Starts: $19/mo

🤖 Get answers to common questions about training, customization, language support, training duration, adding the chatbot to your website, plan limits, and expanding web pages/messages.


  • [🧠] You can train the chatbot through OpenAI’s platform.
  • [🎨] Customization options are available for the chatbot.
  • [🌐] The chatbot can work on websites in languages other than English.
  • [⏱️] Training duration may vary but typically takes some time.
  • [📧] Visitors can contact you via email in addition to chat.
  • [💻] Adding the chatbot to your website involves specific integration steps.
  • [📈] Plan limits may restrict usage.
  • [🔄] Consider upgrading if you need more web pages/messages than your plan allows.

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