Pricing: Freemium
Type: Startup Tools
Starts: $100/m

WebMaxy offers a range of business tools for growing brands, including eGrowth, WebMaxy Analyzer, and Survey Bunny. These tools provide features such as customer management, behavior analysis, and survey creation to help businesses reach, engage, and convert website users more efficiently.

📈 Use Cases

  • Conversion Dashboard: eGrowth provides a conversion dashboard to manage customer data and interactions in one place, enhancing customer management for e-commerce businesses.
  • Dynamic Segmentation: eGrowth offers dynamic segmentation capabilities, allowing businesses to segment their customers effectively for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Social Media & Email Campaigns: eGrowth enables businesses to run social media and email campaigns, improving engagement with customers.
  • Session Recordings: WebMaxy Analyzer offers session recordings, which help understand users’ behavior and interactions on a website.
  • Click and Scroll Maps: WebMaxy Analyzer provides click and scroll maps, giving visual insights into user engagement and navigation patterns.
  • Surveys and Feedback: WebMaxy Analyzer and Survey Bunny allow businesses to launch surveys easily, providing customizable questions and answers to collect meaningful insights from customers.
  • Ready-to-Launch Survey Templates: Survey Bunny offers over 200 ready-to-launch survey templates, making it convenient for businesses to gather feedback.

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