Yuma Ai

Yuma Ai
Pricing: Freemium
Type: Customer Support, Sales
Starts: $ 39/m

Yuma.ai is an AI-powered ticket assistant designed for Shopify merchants using Zendesk or Gorgias. It offers various features to streamline customer support, including AI automatic response drafting, customizable writing style, conversation thread summarization, multilingual support, and native integrations with popular help desk platforms.

💡 Use Cases

  • AI Automatic Response Drafting: Yuma analyzes customer inquiries and generates draft responses for agents, ensuring efficient handling of each ticket.
  • Instruct Yuma: Agents can provide succinct instructions, and Yuma will instantly generate a complete draft in the brand’s voice, maintaining politeness and grammatical correctness.
  • Custom Knowledge Base: Yuma builds a tailored knowledge base for businesses, enabling accurate and personalized responses aligned with specific brand needs.
  • Writing Style Customization: Yuma learns from past tickets to draft responses in the brand’s writing style, ensuring consistency and tone.
  • Conversation Thread Summarization: Users can get instant summaries of entire conversation threads with customers, saving historical context or facilitating team escalation.
  • Multilingual and Auto-Translation: Yuma adapts to the language of incoming tickets, drafting responses in the appropriate language from the 15 most common languages it supports.
  • One-Click “Reply & Close Ticket”: Agents can quickly send drafted responses, close tickets, and move on to the next task, boosting productivity.

💡 Features

  • AI Automated Draft Generation: Yuma uses AI technology to analyze tickets and generate personalized responses or suggest the best course of action.
  • Brand Voice: Writing Style Customization: Yuma learns and applies the brand’s writing style to ensure on-brand, consistent responses.
  • Instruct Yuma: Generate a Draft with Succinct Instructions: Agents can provide instructions, and Yuma generates a complete draft using the brand’s voice.
  • One-Click “Conversation Thread Summarization”: Users can obtain summaries of entire conversation threads with customers for historical context or team collaboration.
  • One-Click “Reply & Close Ticket”: Agents can send drafted responses, close tickets, and save time on manual tasks.
  • Native Integration with Zendesk, Gorgias, and Shopify: Yuma seamlessly integrates with popular help desk platforms, allowing smooth collaboration and ticket handling.
  • Historical Conversations Sync: Yuma syncs with past conversations, providing context and enhancing the accuracy of responses.
  • Past Orders & Products Sync: Yuma retrieves information from Shopify, including live prices and availability, to guide customers and boost sales.
  • Get Started with a 7-day Free Trial: Yuma offers a free trial period to help merchants experience the benefits of its AI-powered ticket assistant.
  • Stay Up-to-Date with New Product Releases: Users can join the AI product launches mailing list to receive notifications about new features and updates.

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