AI App Directory Submission Service

Accelerate your app’s exposure and attract users  in days, not months!

Who’s this for?

Our AI app submission service is perfect for any founder of a new AI app or apps that haven’t been promoted on directories before. If you lack the time or hate the promotion process we are here to help and make this experience as smooth as possible.

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Accelerate your app’s exposure and attract users 

  • We submit your AI tool, app or software to 149+ AI tools directories and websites. This is the fastest way for backlinks and traffic for you newly launched app or software.
  • The list where we submit your new AI software is carefully curated to only include relevant and high authority links. The submission will help your website get discovered by humans and Google for much needed SEO* juice.
  • You save at least 17 hours by hiring us to do the submission for you, plus we submit to a few places that are hard to find with a simple google search.

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