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B2B Rocket is a revolutionary sales automation platform powered by proprietary AI agents. 

Ai Business Tool
Ai Business Tool

Boost your ai tool visibility get listed Over 195 ai directories

Looking to boost the visibility of your AI tool? Need an effective strategy to showcase your innovative solution? I’m here to help you achieve your goals!

The biggest list of AI (SAAS) Directories to Submit Your Startup

Gain exposure and start building your organic traffic

Ai Business Tool

Let us submit for you

Time is money, and we know your time is limited. Leave the hard work to our trusted hands. We will submit your startup to high quality online directories for you.


Why should you submit your startup?

Why should you choose us over the competition?

Ai Business Tool

Increased Exposure

Reach a wider Ai Enthusiast audience.

Ai Business Tool

Strategic Promotions

Maximize visibility through Paid promotions.

Ai Business Tool

Targeted Showcase

Present your tool to Ai interested users worldwide .

Ai Business Tool

Suitable for every startup

Any startup can benefit from web traffic, therefore even if you are in a beta stage or if you already have customers, this service can help you get more hype around your startup.

Ai Business Tool

Improve your SEO

You can improve yourSEO strategy and increase organic traffic to your web pageBy submitting your website to the best directories, you get quality backlinks to your page, and boost the SEO score.

Ai Business Tool


We will manually submit your startup to all the directories that are relevant to you. With our extensive knowledge of the different directories, we can expertly guide and ensure that it's being showcased to its fullest potential.

Ai Business Tool

Save your precious time now.

We estimate that the submission process takes an average of 7 days for a normal person. Therefore, you save 7 whole days from your time!

Ai Business Tool

Submit one form, get listed

Submit your startup seamlessly by filling out just one form and focus on your priorities.

Ai Business Tool

why Submitting your startup

Submitting your startup is the first and easiest way to promote it and turn some heads your way

What We Do

The Ultimate
Only Ai Tool
Directory Submission Service Since 2023

Main Features!

Delivery on time, 100% Manual Work, Provide Detailed Airtable Report, Guarantee of Quality work


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Who is Ai Business Tool for?

    🎯 Short answer: New Tech Startups. 🌐Long answer: For anyone that has a website and wishes Related to New tech Invocation to submit it to online Ai SAAS directories in order to get exposure.

  • How many sites will actually list my startup?

    We cannot guarantee your startup will be listed, nor when, as we don't own the websites. However, we guarantee submission to all free and freemium directories in the best possible way.

  • I have already listed my website in some of your directories. What now?

    It would be nice if you contacted us so that we can look deeper into your case and provide with ensure the remaining website is properly submitted.

  • How long will it take?

    The procedure, once started, will take 5-6 business days on average. Usually it's less, but it really depends our workload on the day that you place your order. You will get email notifications when we have started and when we have completed submitting your startup.

  • I saw that some directories require an account. What happens in this case?

    That is correct, some directories require that we create an account for you. At the end of submitting, we provide you with the account details (usernames and passwords) so that you can follow up with those directories.

  • Will I receive spam email during submission?

    Unfortunately, yes. It's a vital part of the procedure and noone can avoid it. It's also a proof that we are indeed submitting for you! We advise against using a trash email for this though, because people will be able to see it around the internet.

  • How do I know I won't get scammed?

    Some of the websites will send you a confirmation email once they've received our submission. However, others will not. Therefore, we take a screenshot of every submission which will be provided to you. Also, some of the websites require an account for submitting to them. In this case, we will create an account for you, and you will receive all usernames and passwords generated by us in order to perform the submissions, at the end of our work

  • What data will I be asked to fill in about my startup?

    In order to submit your startup to the websites, we need a few data first. View a sample form that contains the data that you will be asked to fill in right after paying.

  • What is the proofreading service about?

    Here at Ai Business Tool, we have been submitting startups in these online directories since Dec 2022. Therefore we have gained an extensive knowledge on this sector, and we are able to scan through the data you provide us and recommend changes and/or additions.

  • I need an invoice for my payment. What can I do?

    We can issue invoices between 1 to 3 business day after your purchase. Please contact us providing your full company data (including country and VAT number) so that we can issue your invoice.

  • How can I pay?

    We use the popular payment geteway PayPal for handling all our transactions.

  • Do you accept credit cards?

    Yes. You can use PayPal with a credit, debit, or pre-paid card for your payment. Check out this PayPal screenshot to find out where to click.

  • What about refunds?

    You can contact us and ask for a refund only within 12 hours after you have made your order.

  • I don't want to submit my startup right now. What can I do?

    We recommend that you purchase our service as long as you are ready and have all data for your business ready. However, if you need to purchase now and submit later, please contact us before purchasing.

Some Words From
Our Customers

Ai Business Tool

Max Libin

Founder & CEO

“Great Exposure: The gig submitted my AI tool to 200+ influential directories, giving it significant visibility within the AI community and reaching a broader audience of potential users.”

Ai Business Tool

Eva Davis

Founder & CEO

“This service has a meticulous verification process. My AI tool was listed in relevant and reputable directories after meeting necessary criteria.”

Ai Business Tool

Cole South

Founder & CEO

“The seller provided customized emails for tool submissions, which saved time and effort for a seamless and efficient process.”

Ai Business Tool

Benjamin Powell

Founder & CEO

“The seller delivered quality work on time and provided a detailed Airtable report, showing where my tool had been listed. Their transparency and accountability were much appreciated.”

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